Travel Trailer Comparison Guide

Who Builds the Best Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels, Do you Know?

Our NEWLY UPDATED Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide rates over 50 manufacturers that build travel trailers, fifth wheels & toy haulers from 2006-2016

We are always amazed at how many people contact us wanting to know, “”Who builds the best travel trailer or fifth wheel product?” Or, “How do I know if I am paying too much?” Or, “Which trailer models are quality built?” Great questions to be sure but there are a number of variables that will determine which model, company or brand is best.

For example, how do you plan to use your travel trailer? How long do you plan to vacation in your fifth wheel each year? How long do you plan to keep your RV? How much is your budget? Thus the reason for our Travel Trailer Comparison Guide, which answers all those questions and many more.

Most buyers start at the dealer level when shopping for trailer and fall in love with a particular model or floor plan and then try to figure out if they made a good choice. This is the wrong approach and usually leads to a poor buying decision. We believe RV buyers need to compare manufacturers FIRST before they start shopping for a recreational vehicle.

We have been conducting surveys for many years now and buyers are primarily concerned about two things, quality and price. Lets talk about quality first!

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What to Look for in a Well-Built Trailer

fifth wheel cutawayAlmost all potential buyers want to know if the model they are looking to purchase is constructed well and will stand the test of time. Developing a set of construction requirements that appropriately reflect a structurally sound fifth wheel or travel trailer is essential and helps remove any frustration when trying to understand the quality of a particular model, new or used.

An important element for selecting any towable model is how well is it is constructed. In Chapter 2 of our publication we cover fundamental aspects of construction which includes;

  • Frames
  • Under belly construction
  • Exterior wall construction
  • Insulation types
  • Plumbing & electrical
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Windows
  • Roofing materials and much more
  • Additionally we explore towing specifications and how to avoid overloading a travel trailer.

trailer floorAs we carried out our research for this chapter we found that most RV salespeople didn’t know much regarding the overall construction methods of the product they were promoting. This frustrated us and it made our staff look deeper into the industry to see how much those in management knew about construction methods. Interestingly, most in management were also to some extent tentative in conveying which construction techniques were best and what to look for in a quality trailer. We were beginning to think we would never complete this section until we determined to get in touch with plant managers to see if they could shed some light on the topic. To our surprise, many plant managers were delighted to talk with us, and they had the technical expertise we were looking for.

RV Testimonial

Over 51Trailer Manufacturers Rated


Our Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Guide includes a factory article for each manufacturer with helpful facts and insight you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to give you a brief description or, “Snap Shot” of each RV Company based on interviews and research collected over the years. This gives our readers helpful insight into how each company got its start and the main focus or direction the company is heading.

 Each article contains information in these key areas:

  • Company background and history
  • Principle target customer
  • List of best-selling models
  • Company’s main competitors
  • Average MSRP of best-selling models
  • Financial stability of company
  • 9-years of rating charts which show how each manufacturer is performing over multiple years. (These rating charts are very important and reveal if a particular manufacturer is trending, upward or downward in quality, customer satisfaction, factory support and overall resale value of models.)
  • Objective comments from research staff

 List of Travel Manufacturers Rated in Guide

Buying a Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel or Ultra-Lite with Confidence

Toy HaulerIf you have never attended a large recreational vehicle show or visited a mega RV dealer you are in for a big surprise. The first thing you’ll notice right off is, “There are so many choices, where do I begin?” Did you know this is the number one reason why people put off buying a travel trailer or fifth wheel? They are overwhelmed with all the choices and become frustrated; don’t let this happen to you!

Denali1The second biggest reason people decide not to buy a travel trailer is that they don’t know who they can trust. It’s not uncommon to hear your salesperson say something like, “This trailer manufacturer builds the best models”. After you have visited a number of dealers it’s like a broken record. Everybody thinks their brands are the best in the industry. Our best-selling trailer guide cuts through the maze of confusion and sheds light on which manufacturers have high customer satisfaction ratings.

Poorly constructed travel trailers will cause problems, frustration and produce a negative buying experience. Most consumers want a good deal and many will end up purchasing a model based on price or floorplan and end up disappointed.


Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Guide


Rating: Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel & Toy Hauler Manufacturers

This offer includes our popular Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide which is considered the #1 RV resource for buyers today. We are the only company online that provides factory ratings with fair and balanced reviews. Get straight answers to your questions and learn what is really is going on in the RV industry. Learn which manufacturers build the best quality trailers at affordable prices.

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Author Randall Eaton Explains the Different RV Packages

The Ultimate Trailer Package


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Here is what you get in the Ultimate Travel Trailer Package

1. Best-selling Travel Trailer Comparison Guide
2. Three Bonus Offers (E-Books)
3. A total of three RV Ratings Reports with NO Time Limit to get them!

Trailer Ultimate PackageThis amazing offer includes everything you will need to make an informed decision. Our best-selling Travel Trailer Comparison Guide and three bonus offers will reveal which RV manufacturers rate best in North American along with proven buying tips that will save you thousands when its time to buy.

In addition to this you also have access to 3 RV Ratings Reports (there is no time limit in requesting your RV reports). We rate all RV models including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers and even motorhomes from 2000 to 2014.

We recommend reading our Travel Trailer Guide first to learn which RV manufacturers rate best. Once you have selected 2 or 3 manufacturers based on our factory ratings, we recommend visiting a number of RV dealers that offer products by those manufacturers. At this point you will have narrowed your search down to a few models and now you’re ready to request your RV Reports.

If you order the E-book version of the Ultimate Travel Trailer Package you will receive an email with instructions to access your Trailer Book, Bonus Offers & RV FORM within minutes of placing order. All printed book orders will receive instructions to access RV form and bonus offers when book arrives priority mail.

To request your RV Report you will need to fill out a simple RV FORM on our website, which ask for make, brand, model #, year and length of unit you’re interested in. Once we receive your information we will process your request and send your RV report(s) to your email address provided on the RV Form. Each report contains 8 pages of detailed ratings and wholesale and retail values for that particular model. All reports are sent as a Word Document and you can save each report to your computer or print report(s) using your printer.

intendeduse123Part One - Intended Use: In this section of the report we focus on intended use. There are four main categories most RV models will fall into. They are: Weekend, Vacationer, Snowbird and Full-Time use.

Based on the standard options, overall quality, and data collected from various RV sources, we can accurately determine the overall intended use of a particular model.

If your intention is to use your RV to head south for the winter and spend 3-6 months a year in your unit, you will probably be dissatisfied with a poorly constructed model or a model that was intended for moderate use only.

ratingchart123Part Two – Comprehensive Rating Chart: The manner in which a particular RV model performs in the areas of: Quality of Construction, Reliability, Payload, Drivability (motorhome only), Customer Satisfaction, Style & Resale Value will ultimately determine the overall satisfaction level of the unit.

When rating a particular model, our staff has spoken with RV owners, dealers and we attended various RV shows on a regular basis. We also receive feedback from people that have bought our reports in the past. All this information is collected and stored in our data base which allows us to accurately rate models based on over eight years of research.

depreciationchart123Part Three: Depreciation Chart: This cart shows how a particular RV model depreciates over time and the RV dealer’s invoice for a new model or the true wholesale value for a used model. This information will help you decided if the model you’re looking at is a good investment and how a particular model will perform over time in regards to resale value.

Having the dealer’s invoice or true wholesale value is very important and puts you in the driver’s seat when it is time to negotiate a price. This data has helped thousands of our customers over the years and we receive positive emails on a regular basis thanking us for this info.


Each report also includes a STAR RATING showing what that particular RV model received based on the data collected in the Comprehensive Rating Chart. A Five Star Rating is the highest rating an RV model can receive.

E-Book orders will receive and email with instructions to access your PDF files and to request your reports once order has been completed.

All printed book orders are shipped priority mail for FREE in U.S. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery. Bonus offers are supplement resources (E-Books) that will help you save thousands when it is time to buy! Instructions to access your three bonus offers and request your reports will be sent with shipping envelope that contains your printed Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide. Save your bonus offers to your computer, iPad or Tablet, its easy and fast!

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Trailer Ultimate Package

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